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Frequently Asked Questions

For Prospective Students

Do I need to audition for the Theater and Performance Program?

Bard is a liberal arts college, and applications are centralized. You do not  apply to an individual program, and there are no auditions for Theater  and Performance. For more information about applying to Bard, visit

What makes Bard's Theater & Performance Program distinctive?

The program will introduce you to many aspects of the theory, practice, and history of theater and performance. Unlike a conservatory, where students are trained in focused tracks (acting, directing, musical theater, playwriting, etc.) at Bard, our approach is built on a liberal arts education, which emphasizes breadth of experience over specialization. 

Our aim is to provide you with the tools to become an innovative and entrepreneurial artist and thinker, who will develop new models of theater for the future. In your first two years in the Theater & Performance Program you will embark on an introductory sequence of courses in which you will act, write plays, and devise performances in a collaborative model. You will take conceptual and historical courses designed to broaden your understanding of the possibilities of theater and performance. In your Junior and Senior years you will have the freedom to design your own program, in close consultation with your academic advisor. Students wishing to specialize may do so, though many Theater & Performance majors elect to continue studying and practicing as widely as possible. 

 The Theater & Performance Program is fully integrated into the life of the Fisher Center for the Performing Arts, a world-class venue designed by Frank Gehry. You will have many opportunities to see and participate in professional performances of many kinds, and your faculty will be entirely comprised of practicing artists and highly regarded scholars. The Fisher Center is a community where students and professional artists work side-by-side, learning from each other and informing each other’s practices.  For more information about Live Arts Bard, the Fisher Center’s commissioning and residency program for the performing arts, visit

How many productions are there each year?

The Theater & Performance Program sponsors one major production each semester, directed by either a faculty member or a visiting artist. These range from contemporary and classic plays to adaptations and performances devised by students. Auditions for these productions are held at the start of each semester.

In addition, there are many student-directed productions each semester, both in the Fisher Center and other venues on and off campus. Some of these productions are part of the curriculum – Senior Projects, for example – and many are extra-curricular. There are a number of student theater clubs at Bard. For more information, see

The Theater & Performance Program also holds a number of workshops and master classes each semester. Recent workshops have included auditioning technique, Suzuki and Viewpoints, Butoh, and puppet making.

Which acting methodology do you teach?

As a student in our program you will be introduced to many styles of performance. Our introductory acting courses are rooted in Stanislavksy’s system, but classes are also offered in physical theater (Lecoq, clown, mask, object theater), Meisner, and various compositional styles. We believe that the best training is broadly based, allowing students to develop a practice from many sources, rather than focusing exclusively on a single methodology.

I’m interested in technical theater and design. Is Bard right for me?

Although we do not offer academic courses in technical theater, the Fisher Center’s production staff offers workshops to students in lighting, rigging, crew, and other aspects of production support and design. There are also many opportunities to run crew, design student productions, and assist in the Fisher Center’s professional productions through work study programs and internships.

Do you offer courses in musical theater?

We do not offer academic courses in musical theater. Some students choose to double major in Music and Theater & Performance, and we on occasion develop and produce musicals as our departmental productions. Bard is probably not an ideal choice for students who are exclusively interested in musical theater, however.

Does the Theater & Performance Program have a close relationship with other parts of Bard College?

Yes! We frequently collaborate with other programs and units at Bard. In recent years we have co-sponsored courses, productions, and special events with Art History, Classics, Curatorial Studies, Dance, Experimental Humanities, Human Rights, Literature, Music, Studio Arts, Film, Written Arts, and the Hannah Arendt Center. We believe that theater and performance are interdisciplinary subjects that should retain a frequent and fluid dialogue with other spheres of human thought and creativity. Theater & Performance is therefore an ideal gateway subject for a liberal arts education. Many of our students are double and joint majors with our programs and concentrations. For further information about the structure of Bard degrees, visit .

What are some recent graduates from the Theater & Performance Program doing now?

Our graduates are very active in the theater and performance scene in New York City and elsewhere. Recent graduates have founded ensembles and companies including Universes, Radiohole, Nature Theater of Oklahoma, New Saloon Theater Collective, Skin Horse, Banana Bag and Bodice, and RobbinsChilds. Others are working as independent actors, playwrights, and directors, while some are writing for film and television (including Nick Jones, senior writer for Orange is the New Black.) Wherever innovative theater and performance are being made, you’ll likely find a Bard graduate nearby!