The Theater and Performance Program offers courses in Context, Technique, and Creative Practice and Research. Students are required to take classes in all three areas of study.


Context courses include the history of theater and performance, contemporary practice, theories of theater and performance, dramatic literature, and world theater. Current Context courses include:
* Brecht and his Legacy
* Feminist Theater
* History of East Village Performance
* Performing Queer
* Shakespeare: The Director and the Text
* Theater, Surveillance, and the Internet Age
* Minstrelsy, Vaudeville, and Melodrama


Technique courses include skills-based classes in playwriting, directing, acting, voice, movement, dramatic structure, performance, and composition. Current Technique courses include:
* Advanced Acting
* Scene Study
* Physical Theater
* Directing Seminar
* Introduction to Clown
* Dramatic Structure
* Voice and Text
* Masks:  Neutral, Character, and Commedia

Creative Practice and Research

Creative Practice and Research comprises productions, performance laboratories, master classes and specialized workshops. Current Creative Practice and Research courses include:
* Solo Performance
* Devised Theater Lab
* Performance Composition
* Advanced Playwriting
* Theatrical Adaptation


Before Moderation the curriculum emphasizes courses in Context and Technique, ensuring that a strong foundation is built in the first two years study. After Moderation more prominence is given to Creative Practice and Research.