Moderation Requirements
The Bacchae

Moderation Requirements

The following 5 courses are required for students wishing to moderate into the Theater and Performance Program:
1. Introduction to Theater and Performance: Revolutions in Time and Space
2. Introduction to Theater Making. This course is only available to second-semester Sophomores intending to moderate into the Theater & Performance Program.
3. The Actor and the Moment
4. Introduction to Playwriting: the Theatrical Voice
5. Introduction to Theater History

In addition, students participate in the creation and performance of a group-devised Moderation project.
After Moderation

After Moderation

After Moderation, students are required to take 2 courses from a menu of options in each of the 3 areas of study – Context, Technique, Creative Practice and Research – for a total of 6 courses. In addition, students complete a Senior Project; a group-devised production or performance in combination with a written assignment, which carries the equivalent workload and credit of 2 courses.

Senior Project

Students choose one from the following three categories of Senior Project:

Theater and Performance Program Guidelines for the Senior ProjectThe Theater and Performance Program encourages students to explore all aspects of the analytical, interpretive, creative, and collaborative practice of the art form during their time at Bard. Consistent with this philosophy, the program encourages students to fashion their Senior Project from a wide menu of possibilities.
Students should arrive at proposals for Senior Project after consultation with their advisor and proposed collaborators. Students who will be seniors in 2017-18 must submit Senior Project proposals to the faculty by March 27, 2017.
 Students should propose one of the following formats for Senior Project: 

1) Participation in the Senior Project Festival at the Fisher Center

The Theater & Performance faculty will consider proposals for a limited number of 25- minute slots in the Senior Project Festival, which will be produced at the Fisher Center with budgetary and technical support from the Fisher Center staff. In order to be considered, proposals must include 2-4 collaborators, all rising senior Theater & Performance majors intending to use the project as their Senior Project. Collaborators may propose: a production of an existing play (whole or in excerpt); a new play to be written by one of the collaborators; or a performance created through some other collaborative process.  In this third category, a performance created through a collaborative process, the proposal must set out a clear plan for the creative process, and give a detailed description of each collaborator's role in that process.    
For all of these categories, each collaborator should submit their own proposal, written in consultation with their collaborators and advisor. 
Your artistic project must be accompanied by a paper in which you analyze your project's artistic goals and accomplishments, as well as situating it in relation to its theoretical, historical, and/or historical contexts. Which artists, artistic movements, or performance modes is your project in dialogue with? What historical, theoretical, dramatic, or performance texts have been central to your production research and why? This paper should be 15-20 pages and should include citations from at least five sources that follow the MLA guidelines or the Chicago Manual of Style. Each individual collaborator on a project must produce their own written component, with clear analysis of the role you played in the creative process.
To submit your paper, follow the procedure outlined by the college for students of the Arts Division who have completed an installation, a film, a composition, or a performance.

2) Independent Theater/Performance Project 

Students may self-produce theater/performance projects in the Old Gym or another site- specific space on or off campus. In this case, students forgo technical support from the Fisher Center, but will still receive budgetary support. These proposals may represent one Senior Project or the work of multiple collaborators, and the proposed performance should still be 25 minutes in length. Each independent project must also be followed by a

15-20 page paper in accordance with the guidelines listed above.

3)   Research Paper

Students may write a 50-60-page research paper on a significant aspect of theater and/or performance: theater or performance history or theory; dramatic literature; contemporary or historical practice. Parameters for this project are described in the program’s Research Paper Guidelines, and instructions for submitting senior research papers are available on the Dean of Student Affairs web site.
See the link below for bard's guideline to Senior Project Preparation and Presentation